We will attend the Slimo Eyewear Fair

• Exhibition Time: September 28, 2018-October 01
• Location: Paris Nord Villepinte
• Exhibition Cycle: one session a year
• Joysee Eyewear booth number: 6L-068

Silmo established in 1967, is one of the most important spectacles exhibitions in Europe. With a history of more than 40 years, the exhibition is organized by COMEXPO Paris and Silmo is an annual, professional and international exhibition. Since 1972 in Paris, the world‘s fashion capital, the scale and level of the exhibition have become more and more better. Exhibitors and viewers can experience the arrival of the exhibition, which is a professional need. Although there are many exhibitions in Europe, in the United States and in Asia devoted to trade in glasses, only Silmo can embody the unification of design and use, the concentration of quality and function, the combination of style and technology, the harmony of fashion and vogue.


Post time: Nov-12-2020